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Our Phone And Online Counselling Service Can Help With Primary Health, And Mental Health Issues

Our professional counsellor can help you with mental health issues including:

  • Anxiety and worry – causes of anxiety and excessive worry, anxiety symptoms, and ways to calm anxiety
  • Depression and hopelessness – depression symptoms and signs, and ways to manage depression
  • Stress – understand what stress is, stress symptoms, and how to get stress relief


Hlocare Medical providers can also help with primary care health including:

What To Expect When You Call HLOCARE MEDICAL Service

Thinking about contacting Hlocare medical but unsure what to expect? Here’s how our counsellors can support you or anyone who needs it:

1.  Expert mental health support

Our professional providers are highly qualified and experienced to support you. All staff have a tertiary qualification in a relevant discipline.

2. No referral needed

You do not require a medical referral to contact our service. This means you can access free, professional counselling between 7am and 9pm Monday to Saturday by simply calling 1300 029 131 or clicking the online chat button on the right hand side.

3. Single and multi-session counselling

Hlocare Medical can provide a one off counselling session or you may be eligible to receive up to three additional sessions.

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